Stacey Abrams: First Black Woman Ever Nominated for Governor by Major Party


"This historic victory is a model for candidates all across the country". Black women are the backbone of the Democratic Party. If she wins, the state House minority leader would be the first black female governor of any state.

But progressives shouldn't expect this to translate to support for candidates in other races. She was targeted by national Democrats who thought she was too liberal to flip a swing district in the Houston suburbs.

In many ways, the Democratic establishment has accepted that supporting positions like Medicare for All, legal marijuana and a $15 minimum wage is where the base is at, and has essentially conceded the point.

"It's more, this time, this climate, right now", Ms McGrath told CNN before her win against Lexington Mayor Jim Gray.

Abrams was the first woman to lead a party in the Georgia General Assembly in 2010 and the first African-American to lead in the House of Representatives, according to Abrams' campaign biography.

Abrams is running to become the first African-American woman elected governor in USA history. Her opponent Stacey Evans, who is white, said she would largely hew to the traditional Southern Democratic strategy of trying to win over centrists and independents, while also campaigning in black communities.

Abrams has received major endorsement from heavyweights in the Democratic Party. Republican candidates for the open seat for governor will spend the next two months battling it out in a runoff, since neither Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle nor Secretary of State Brian Kemp got a majority of the vote in their crowded primary on Tuesday. Fletcher will face John Culberson in this district where Clinton narrowly won in 2016.

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Governor: Lupe Valdez becomes the first openly gay and Latina woman to become a major party nominee for Texas Governor. Allred beat out fellow former Obama administration official Lillian Salerno in the 32nd District in one of the rare losses for a female candidate. And state Rep. Paul Workman, R-Austin, will face Democrat Vikki Goodwin.

Nearly immediately after the election results came in, Abbott's campaign released an online video claiming that Valdez has flip flopped on whether or not she would raise taxes if elected governor.

Importantly, she also ran on growing the electorate by going after working-class people of color, non-voters and occasional voters.

Among Republicans, Texas Sen.

"Her ability to understand, relate to, and energize young voters is central to her chances of winning", he said.

The race turned negative in its final days as Gray aired an ad criticizing McGrath for just recently moving to the district from the east coast to run for Congress - a clear sign he was anxious about her strength in the contest. But times are changing in America, and perhaps the South can be nudged to come along with us. The DCCC haphazardly intervened in this primary raising its profile and likely giving the Moser campaign the wind it needed to make the primary. "Now, Democrats are stuck with an ultra-liberal candidate who can't even name the counties she wants to represent in Congress".

There has been virtually no discussion in the corporate media about the significance of this rising force in the Democratic Party, or the critical role that a military-intelligence "faction" would play if the Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives in November. Last week in Pennsylvania, a large state with no women in its 20-member congressional delegation, seven women won Democratic primaries.