Deadly Takata airbags affect more cars than first thought


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has published a revised list adding about 1.1 million vehicles as it recalls the likes of Mercedes-Benz C Class, Ford Mondeo and Toyota Yaris.

Reports say that of the approximately 4 million cars affected, there are still an estimated 2.3 million with faulty airbags on the road.

While these models aren't under active recall just yet, the ACCC has identified them as subject to future recalls by their respective manufacturers as part of the compulsory campaign that requires affected makes to replace all defective airbags before the end of 2020.

Australia earlier this year demanded that manufacturers of almost 3 million vehicles that carried the air bags, linked to at least 18 deaths and 180 injuries globally because the inflators can rupture and shoot metal fragments into vehicles, pay for replacements.

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"So when people visit they should sign up for the free recall notifications and that way they will see whether their vehicle is added to the list".

Tests on Takata airbags conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2016, showed that out of the 245,000 tested, 660 were defective. "If you have an alpha bag, what you need to do is stop driving it immediately, contact your manufacturer or dealer, arrange for them to come and tow it away, do not drive that bag". In Australia, there is one death and one serious injury reported to date.

More than 100 million cars globally have been caught up in the biggest automotive recall in history.