People Who Wear Glasses Are Actually More Intelligent, Research Suggests


If you wear glasses (or contact lenses), it could be a sign that you're more intelligent than your pals with 20/20 vision.

The participants had taken different thinking tests that were then summarized as general cognitive ability score.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are hoping their findings will help them determine how and why cognitive function and intelligence declines as people grow older.

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They also found that people who are more intelligent tend to be almost 30 percent more likely to have genes that require them to use reading glasses compared with individuals who were considered to be less smart.

Besides finding a link between eyesight and intelligence, researchers also found that genetic signature linked to increased cognitive function is also associated with better cardiovascular and mental health, reduced risk of lung cancer, and long life. Absolutely not. A 2010 study shows that fake glasses overwhelmingly tend to make wearers more dishonest.

While the study identified trends, it did not investigate why these correlations exist and what future implications could be. "One thing we know from these results is that good thinking skills are a part of good health overall".