Protesters use scooters to block traffic in San Francisco's Mission


Housing activists blocked more than a dozen buses ferrying technology workers to Silicon Valley during the morning commute, piling scooters in a makeshift barricade at a crowded intersection in the city's Mission District.

But it has also sent property prices and homelessness soaring - exacerbating the income gap.

Demonstrators piled electric scooters in front of the coaches, some of which were bound for Google's headquarters.

Sweeps of homeless encampments in the Mission District on April 25 were ordered by San Francisco mayor Mark Farrell.

As tenant-rights activist Chirag Bhakta told the San Francisco Examiner, "it's absurd scooters have more rights than the homeless do", a Google employee countered that he is a San Francisco native and is allowed to live in the city. "What are they giving us? Taking my privacy? They should ask us what we want".

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This is not the first time that buses carrying employees of Apple and Google to their company headquarters have been attacked by protesters.

The tech industry has brought great wealth to San Francisco and its suburbs.

Hailed by some as a public benefit, derided by others as a public nuisance, the scooters have been temporarily banned by the city starting Monday. Critics in San Francisco say the recent deluge of electric scooters has led to cluttered walkways and sidewalks.

The chanted and swore at one man who was trying to board a bus bound for the Google HQ, calling him a "sell-out". "[People inside the bus] are pretty pissed off and irritated", he said before jogging away.