He's coming home. Michael Myers back in new Halloween


I was out there.

She fares better with Karen's daughter, Allyson (And Matichak), a high-school student who will have her own run-in with the knife-wielding murderer. "Laurie was fantastic with children, probably better with children than adults", Curtis said of the former babysitter. When something really bad happens you calcify emotionally. As for rumors he was related to Laurie, her character's granddaughter tells a friend, "No, it wasn't her brother".

Green on what Michael has been doing all this time: "I think he's been doing as little as possible and I'd like to know as little as possible about him, his history and his abilities. A auto seat. Laurie is going to buy the safety item". McBride isn't the first name I would put with a horror movie, but based on what we see so far, horror could very well be his niche. In terms of a modern, yet classical approach to this story-getting to watch her prepare, train, and patiently await Michael's inevitable return, is personally something I'm here for.

Not only is Curtis back in the role of Laurie but Nick Castle is once again assisting in the portrayal of "The Shape".

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Of course, Michael breaks loose, gets his freaky William Shatner mask back and goes on another murderous rampage in the town of Haddonfield, but this time, Strode is ready for him.

The trailer for Halloween, the latest in the longrunning series of slasher films that originated in 1978 with the John Carpenter-directed classic, has been released online. "When you see what they've come up with you'll be like 'Wow, ' because it's a very modern and yet very true movie".

The fact that Michael isn't her brother doesn't necessarily make things any less scary for Laurie, because he still very almost killed her and it's clearly had a major impact on her life for four decades.