Search teams find body of woman attacked by alligator in Florida


Trappers have spotted a 12-foot (3.5-meter) alligator in the pond in Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park, she said.

Authorities have identified a woman who they say was bitten and probably killed by an alligator while she was out walking her dogs next to a Florida lake.

Local media report officers found a dog on a leash but no signs of the woman at Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park. He called the police.

While alligator attacks are uncommon, they are not unheard of.

Though the arm was found inside this gator, it is still not clear if this animal is responsible for Matsuki's death.

Matsuki, 47, of Plantation, Florida, disappeared Friday morning while walking beside the lake.

"Any body of water in Florida, you've got to know at some point or another there's an alligator", said Heather Porrata, who lives nearby. Authorities located Matsuki's body a short time later, the FWC announced Saturday on Twitter. A spokeswoman from the wildlife commission did not respond to phone messages.

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Jeff Polhman, Davie's assistant director of parks, said trappers had been hired in the past 18 to 24 months to capture the alligator, but the gator had eluded the traps.

Between 1948 and past year, there were 401 people bitten by alligators, including 24 fatalities, the commission has said. These wounds are serious enough to require professional medical treatment.

In June 2016, a Nebraska toddler who was visiting a Disney resort in the Orlando area was grabbed and killed by a gator at one of the resort's lakes.

Last year, a 10-year-old girl narrowly escaped an alligator attack in Orlando. He later saw the pets at the water's edge without their owner, so he contacted authorities.

Keep dogs and cats away from water that may contain alligators.

Alligators usually choose their prey based on its availability and how easily it can be overpowered. "Opportunity is the primary factor that causes an alligator to pursue prey".