US Congress Has Few Options To Stop Trump From Saving China's ZTE


China-based ZTE has reportedly signed an agreement in principle that would lift a U.S. Commerce Department ban on the company which barred it from buying from U.S. suppliers. ZTE was initially asked to cease operations of main business due to U.S sanctions.

"At about 6 a.m. this morning [June 7], we executed a definitive agreement with ZTE", US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told US business network CNBC.

Speaking in a CNBC interview, Ross said the deal includes a US$1 billion penalty against ZTE and a US-selected compliance team to be embedded at the company to prevent further violations of the sort that prompted the Commerce Department to cut ZTE off from its U.S. suppliers. In March 2017, ZTE agreed to pay that fine and also to a seven-year suspended denial of export privileges, which would go into effect if ZTE broke the agreement during that time. ZTE was assessed US$2.29 billion in civil and criminal penalties by the Commerce Department and other USA agencies since past year.

In addition to the more than $1.8 billion in combined fines, ZTE will be required to retain a team of specially assigned compliance coordinators answerable to BIS for a period of 10 years. The resolution of the ZTE case may clear the way for the make progress in its high-stakes trade talks with China.

The Trump administration has walked a fine line, stressing that any ZTE deal is separate from ongoing trade negotiations with China.

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The deal includes a $1 billion penalty against ZTE and a US-chosen compliance department to be embedded into the company. The team will monitor ZTE's adherence to USA export control laws - an arrangement the department described as the most stringent requirements it has ever imposed. Today, commerce secretary Wilbur Ross told CNBC that the United States struck a deal with ZTE to return it to business.

Ross also said that the company will have to replace its entire management and board of directors as part of the deal. For the shut down one of China's largest companies is a very dramatic type of move. This comes despite an across-the-board rebuke from US intelligence agencies who see ZTE as a national security threat.

Over recent weeks, the Trump administration has held talks with officials in Beijing to save the telecom company.

USA goods exported to China a year ago totaled US$130 billion while Chinese imports to the USA totaled US$506 billion.