[US-NK Summit] Trump, Kim formed 'special bond' in historic meeting


China suggested on Tuesday that sanctions relief could be considered for North Korea if the country abides by United Nations resolutions, as U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un pledged to work for denuclearisation.

President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un signed an agreement on Tuesday pledging to work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, while the US would provide security guarantees for the country.

For his part, Kim called it "a historic document", saying that the two sides will "leave the past behind" and the world will "see a major change".

"We will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money", Trump told reporters, adding that "at some point" he wanted to withdraw U.S. troops from the South.

Several reporters asked whether Mr Trump had raised the issue of human rights with Mr Kim, who runs a totalitarian regime with extreme censorship and forced-labour camps.

DPRK is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the formal name of North Korea. I think without Otto, this would not have happened.

Trump noted that the summit was just the beginning of an "arduous process", and noted that sanctions against the North Korean regime would remain in place, but held out great potential for peace and prosperity.

At the signing ceremony, Trump said he was "very proud" of what happened Tuesday and thanked Kim, reiterating that it was an "honor" to meet. During a post-lunch stroll through the gardens of the Singapore hotel where the summit was held, Trump said the summit had gone "better than anybody could have expected".

But the summit was more likely it is the start of a longer process of negotiation.

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Elsewhere scores of people were glued to TV screens at the Seoul railway station, cheering and clapping in response to Trump and Kim's cordial greetings.

"He won't have that opportunity again", the USA president added.

Kim accepts White House invitation: Trump told reporters he will visit Pyongyang "at the appropriate time", adding that Kim has accepted an invitation to visit the White House.

Aware that the eyes of the world were on a moment many people never expected to see, Mr Kim said many of those watching would think it was a scene from a "science fiction movie".

Inside, they sat alongside each other against a backdrop of North Korean and USA flags, with Kim beaming broadly as the U.S. president gave him a thumbs up.

And as they emerged from the meal for a brief stroll together, Mr Trump appeared to delight in showing his North Korean counterpart the interior of "The Beast", the famed U.S. presidential limousine known for its high-tech fortifications.

The change in tone came after Trump first canceled the meeting, citing Kim's "open hostility", then made a decision to move forward after a visit to Washington by a high ranking North Korean official. "We will meet many times".

They agreed to establish relations between the countries and committed to "build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula", where the US and South Korea are still technically at war with the North.

Indications are still that the process is going to take place in steps, and some of the United States rewards for denuclearization are expected to come as they reach certain key metrics. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe famously served Trump hamburgers on a visit to Japan a year ago.