Supreme Court's South Dakota sales tax decision will cripple small businesses


The suit (South Dakota v. Wayfair) was brought by 40 states that claim the old rule had cost them billions in lost tax revenue.

State officials - including in SC, with its 6 percent sales tax - have argued they were losing out on millions - if not, in some cases, billions - of dollars in revenue a year under the Supreme Court's previous 1992 decision.

Previously, companies without a physical presence in a state were exempt from sales tax collection requirements.

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that states can force online retailers to collect taxes from online sales. The court ruled that states can now require online retailers to collect sales tax from their customers. While the e-commerce giant collects sales tax on all items it sells directly, third-party purchases are taxed in just two states, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Shares of Amazon,, Etsy, Wayfair and other retailers fell after the ruling was announced. For others, it also included the added bonus of not having to pay sales tax from select merchants.

Online shopping is likely to get more expensive in America soon. If a business had a physical presence in a state, then they could be forced to collect sales tax at the time of purchase.

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Quill stated that U.S. states could only change sales taxes on companies with a physical presence in the state.

Carl Davis, research director for the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a non-partisan think tank, told Business Insider the Trump Store's sales tax collection policy is "a textbook example of the problem that this ruling is meant to address".

Last November, the federal Government Accountability Office estimated that states could have collected between $8.5 billion and $13.4 billion in sales taxes in 2017 if they had expanded taxing authority.

Here in Florida, state officials are stressing that this is not a new tax.

"We've seen a lot of show-rooming where people will go into a local brick and mortar store, try out a product and go to an online retailer and purchase it, so we've seen businesses close", said Thomas Barr with Local First Arizona.