Sarah Sanders asked to leave Virginia restaurant


"What should we do?"

However, Stephanie Wilkinson, the restaurant's owner, defended her decision in a conversation with the Washington Post. "I said Id be down to see if its true". Maybe if the owner spent more time in the kitchen and less time watching CNN, she would understand how to run a restaurant. "He who laughs last, laughs best!" another wrote.

TheWashington Post says that Lexington had voted overwhelmingly against Trump, although the 72-year-old president won Lexington's county (Rockridge) with a similar number of votes. She knew the community was deeply divided over such issues as Confederate flags. One wrote, "A restaurant that gave Sarah Huckabee Sanders a little taste of her own medicine.priceless!"

Ms Wilkinson said it was hard to believe the President's press secretary would be dining in a tiny rural restaurant, which seated only 26 patrons. "This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals". "Sara Sanders is a hard working American who wanted to have dinner and you sent her away and there will be a price for that action". "Stand tall, there are more of us than there are of them". Like any other family. Wilkinson interrupted to huddle with her workers. "I am certain they won't be as fruitful as they were before you chose to be ignorant!"

"They offered to pay", Ms Wilkinson said. "THANK YOU!" said a comment from Commerce City, Colorado. "Can I get some food delivered?" "Or you can ask for the 'Hate Plate, '" Huckabee said in a tweet, generating 2,000 replies in about 30 minutes.

It's not clear if this trend of people confronting Trump officials in public will continue, but considering the high profile nature of these few incidents, as well as the ongoing fury over the family separations and the unknown number of missing migrant children, it seems possible.

Sanders used her official govt account to condemn a private business for personal reasons.

Sanders went back to the table, picked up her things and walked out.

"It was off the chart", she said.

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To "86" someone is a slang term meaning to refuse to serve a customer.

"86 - Sara Huckabee Sanders", read the note, below the reminder to buy more Pellegrino.

Before leaving the restaurant on Friday night, one of the servers photographed the restaurant's whiteboard.

Another said: "This place couldn't even cook an egg the right way".

She had "politely left" the business, she told her 3 million followers.

A restaurant in Washington D.C. that is also called the Red Hen took to Twitter to explain that it wasn't the controversial restaurant in question. Others accused them of discriminating and likened them to Nazis.

The comments sections on the restaurant's Yelp and Facebook pages are now precisely the opposite.

Jaike Foley-Schultz had previously posted about the incident on Facebook, then changed his version of events.