Sixers’ pitch to LeBron James includes convincing they can land Kawhi Leonard


James isn't expected to attend the meeting, which is the first significant chance for the 76ers to make case a free-agent case to James, league sources said.

However, the decision to snub the Cavs may be keeping in tune with reports he does not want to sit through elaborate pitches from franchises wishing to recruit him.

The other title, for the 2016 season, went to the James' led Cavaliers. The Cavs, however, will likely keep at least one roster spot open so they can guarantee Kendrick Perkins' $2.5 million contract, in the event they find a trade partner that will require Perkins' salary to be added to the deal to make the math work.

It was a striking change in Gilbert, who had written his letter in comic sans font and had called James the "so-called King". His agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports will discuss all of his business over the phone.

The three-time champion is now the most coveted prize in an National Basketball Association free-agent class that includes All-Stars Paul George and Chris Paul.

For the rest of this year's free agents, James, Caldwell-Pope and Stephenson signing with the Lakers eliminates one of the few teams with significant cap space on the market.

James was on a plane that flew into Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles on Saturday, a source told ESPN. At this time, it's unclear if James actually has his decision made and he's just taking meetings to appease certain teams or if he's legitimately undecided and still weight options.

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The four-time MVP may still sign with Cleveland but the echoes are growing louder that James will create another superteam by joining either the Houston Rockets, the LA Lakers or the Philadelphia 76ers. And while he has always been compared to Michael Jordan, Johnson is the one whose game more closely resembles his own.

Should James re-sign with a shortened one-plus-one deal in Cleveland - in order to give himself the chance to explore free agency again in the summer of 2019 - his compensation for 2018-19 would be $35.4 million, and 2019-20 would jump to $38.2 million as the option year.

The Cavs, on the other hand, have been mostly operating in the dark.

National Basketball Association star Lebron James has decided not to pick up the player option on the previous year of his deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers and will become a free agent, according to ESPN. George is from Palmdale, California, northwest of Los Angeles, and Leonard is from Riverside, 88km east.

The Lakers have solid young talent in Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart, but not the usual coterie of stars who have joined James in the past.

Wright doubled down on his tweet when fans pointed out the Philadelphia meeting hadn't happened yet, so it seems James will still meet with them even though his mind has already been made up.