'Psychic' octopus that predicted Japan's World Cup results killed


Rabiot, a giant Pacific octopus, was caught off the port of Obira in Hokkaido before the tournament began and quickly put to work predicting the results of Japan's matches.

According to the Independent website, Rabio was placed in a plastic paddling pool and encouraged to pick one of three boxes representing a win, loss, or draw for the national team, where it correctly tipped them to beat the South American side in their first match.

The octopus proved to be a spineless Jimmy the Greek, correctly choosing Japan to defeat Colombia, tie with Senegal and lose to Poland. Despite losing to the Poles, Japan advanced courtesy of the fact that its players had received fewer cautions during the three group stage games.

A "psychic" octopus which correctly guessed the outcome of Japan's group stage matches at the World Cup has been boiled alive and sold at a fish market.

Despite Rabiot's run of success when it came to predicting results, the fisherman who caught the octopus, Kimio Abe, told local media this week that - much like Japan - the mollusc had exited the tournament early.

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Another octopus that foretold World Cup results called Paul was found dead in its home - not killed for food - nearly a decade ago.

"I hope that the second Rabiot will also give all the outcomes correctly and that Japan will go all the way", he said to Sora News 24.

Paul died in October 2010 aged two-and-a-half and without passing on his rare talent to any offspring.

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