Bolton: Trump will discuss election meddling with Putin


Also Bolton and Putin discussed the issue of Crimea. The U.S., alongside the European Union, placed tough economic sanctions on Russian Federation in response.

"In my meeting with President Putin, he was very kind to go through the whole list of items on his agenda", Bolton said. I think it's something that we're concerned about. "There were others where perhaps there is room for some kind of progress".

Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that he planned to discuss Ukraine, Syria and Crimea as well as election interference when he meets with the Russian president in Helsinki, Finland, next month in a summit he said could help defuse tensions between Moscow and Washington. "But I think having a relationship with China,'s a good thing", Trump said.

Answering a question of journalists on the topic of the upcoming conversation the tramp said, "I'll speak with him about everything".

I have never believed that Trump is a Manchurian candidate - a Russian mole - but it's hard to know how he would be acting differently if he were. We're going to be talking to Russian Federation about a lot of things. While the official USA policy is that the territory belongs to Ukraine, Trump has suggested he may take a different stance.

Trump has previously blamed the annexation of Crimea on former President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaTrump no longer talks a lot about the stock market.

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The set agenda with Putin includes an extended one-on-one meeting with Trump, which has heightened concern among some US officials regarding any concessions that may be made when the two are in the room together.

"That's not the position of the United States", Bolton concluded. Any change to the USA stance on Crimea by Trump would likely further alienate his European allies. Trump feuded with Group of Seven leaders during a summit in Canada last month over trade, abruptly dropping support for a routine joint statement.

Russian Federation in 2014 annexed Crimea from Ukraine, eliciting widespread global condemnation.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Bolton how that made him feel. They're very, very different; the president treats them differently. "I don't think Assad is the strategic issue". The national security adviser, who was previously known as a Russia hawk, made a distinction between Putin's previous flat denial of any Russian involvement, saying that this time, the Russian leader had limited his disavowal to any state interference in the 2016 USA presidential vote, implying that other actors were involved.

"Russia continues to say they had nothing to do with Meddling in our Election!" "I'm sure the president will want to pursue it", said Bolton.