British PM meets Dutch counterpart in key Brexit week


May said the white paper would set out "detailed proposals for a sustainable and close future relationship" between the United Kingdom and European Union and mark "an important step in delivering the decision of the British people".

Hard Brexiteer Mr Rees-Mogg, tipped as a future Tory leader, insisted he was "confident" that Mrs May would deliver the Brexit he is demanding - with the United Kingdom leaving the single market and customs union and outside the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

The Foreign Secretary said MPs should be "able to air their views" after Jacob Rees-Mogg was criticised for saying the Prime Minister must deliver the Brexit she promised or risk collapsing her Government.

In a podcast for the ConservativeHome website, he said there had been a "breakdown in collective responsibility" in the Cabinet, with pro-EU ministers openly promoting solutions "against the Prime Minister's speeches, against the position formally of the Cabinet and against the manifesto".

But she said: "The EEA is not right because the EEA - and particularly in the form that the European Commission has proposed it - would not deliver on the vote of the referendum and the vote of the British people".

But Dr Lee said: "We need courageous, rational leadership to get our country successfully through Brexit", with "decisions based on reality and evidence, not dreams and dogma".

"But when an MP & his supporters have collected £750k to do just that, there is no doubt that Brexiteers are planning a coup".

The upcoming summit was discussed at the regular weekly meeting of Cabinet at Downing Street on Tuesday, but Mrs May did not use the opportunity to set out the "third way" option for future customs arrangements which she is reportedly planning to present on Friday.

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"The solicitor general has confirmed that to exit with no deal and trade under WTO rules would necessitate such a border".

The BCC published a list of 24 "real-world" questions it says urgently need answers as the UK's European Union exit approaches.

The EU has rejected previous British proposals for trade with the bloc after Brexit, saying Britain can not both quit the EU and retain the main economic benefits of membership.

His comments are seen as a shot across the bows of ministers, such as foreign secretary Boris Johnson, who reportedly might quit if Theresa May gives too much ground to those wanting a closer Brexit deal with the EU.

The list covers subjects including Value-Added Tax, tariffs, customs and regulations.

Business minister Richard Harrington said: "I do wish people would stop putting their own dogma above the good of the country and the Party".

The outcome of Friday's meeting is seen as critical to moving Brexit negotiations forward because the European Union have complained that talks have stalled because they do not know enough about Britain wants from its future relationship. We have supported the government's drive to seek the best possible deal for the United Kingdom economy.

"We are now looking forward to the White Paper from the United Kingdom, and we very much hope that it will bring the necessary clarity, realism, and impetus to these negotiations", Tusk told MEPs.