Netflix Is Testing Their Higher Prices


This new plan could either impact the number of screens allowed on its "Premium" plan (the current highest tier), which right now includes four screens for $US13.99 a month, or only offer HDR to "Ultra" subscribers (not "Premium" ones). Now, some reports from the web suggest that the company seems to be testing a new and higher priced subscription package for the users.

Netflix wants to go even more premium than it is currently now.

As Variety points out, beyond the difference in price point, there are also two versions of the plan being tested.

Netflix officially confirmed that they were testing the price points that they have for the service, sending a statement to CNET that stated that "we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix". Netflix has many series available in 4K and several, including "Luke Cage" and "Glow", in HDR.

The new tier offers all potential subscribers 4K content, HD audio and streaming across four simultaneous devices. In addition to having four times the pixels of HDTVs, 4K TVs that handle HDR also deliver improved contrast, richer colors and increased details.

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Should the Ultra plan become a reality and Netflix adopts changes in the lower-priced Premium and Standard plans, some USA homes with multiple TVs and other screens might be faced with choosing a higher-priced plan and paying $3 to $6 more per month.

The new plan will cost $19.80, meaning that would cost about $6 more than the Premium plan.

What is quite clear is that Netflix is thinking of changing its pricing and subscription plans.

Also noteworthy is that the release of Netflix Ultra plan is not yet 100% official.