Canada, U.S. express concern at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation over Russian pipeline into Germany


Other presidents has raised European defence spending levels in the past but he is intent on dealing with it.

Numerous issues are not new; former President Barack Obama, who enjoyed a close relationship with Merkel, was critical of the German export surplus, its defense spending and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project with Russian Federation. So we're supposed to protect you against Russian Federation but they're paying billions of dollars to Russian Federation and I think that's very in inappropriate.

In a bilateral breakfast meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in front of reporters, Trump immediately launched into a tirade about the pipeline.

Germany and other European Nato partners argue, however, that they have boosted contributions to the military alliance and plan to kick in even more in coming years.

While the United States and Europe have historically been close military and economic allies, President Donald Trump has upended that order by repeatedly taking Europe to task over defense spending and trade while pursuing a closer USA relationship with adversary Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The woman, dressed in a white dancer's costume, waved her arms with a delicate grace as she descended slowly toward the floor of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels, Belgium, where more than two dozen world leaders stood below.

Mr Stoltenberg later said that Mr Trump had a "direct language and message on defence spending" but insisted that "we fundamentally all agree" that the burden of defence spending should be shared.

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"I am very glad that we are united today in freedom as the Federal Republic of Germany and that we can therefore also make our own independent policies and make our own independent decisions". "That is very good, especially for people in eastern Germany".

He also once again called for other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries to "immediately" increase their own defense spending to 2 percent of their national gross domestic product, a target that alliance members had previously agreed to aim to meet by 2024. We're stronger together than apart.

"Germany is just paying a little bit over 1 percent, whereas the United States in actual numbers is paying 4.2 percent."

While Democratic congressional leaders condemned Trump's attacks on Germany as "brazen insults and denigration of one of America's most steadfast allies", Republicans took a more benign view, and some backed him outright. "And the former Chancellor of Germany is the head of the pipeline company that is supplying the gas".

He added: "We're protecting Germany, France and everybody. this has been going on for decades".

By slapping higher tariffs on European Union metals experts and threatening more on cars, Trump has shown his anger at the US trade deficit with the European Union.