Papa John's to remove founder's image from ads


Papa John's founder John Schnatter is no longer board chairman after using a racial slur, but his image is still part of the pizza chain's logo and he remains the company's largest shareholder.

Thursday, two Louisville players spoke out against the name of the stadium.

Several current Louisville football players expressed on Thursday a desire to have the name of the stadium changed as well.

Louisville native and commit Aidan Robbins feels the same.

"In moments of crisis, the best communities find a way to come together", University of Louisville President Neeli Bendapudi said.

Papa John's, which has featured founder John Schnatter as the face of the company in logos and TV ads, is pulling his image from its marketing after reports he used a racial slur.

When discussing how he would distance himself from racist groups, Mr Schnatter said that Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, had never faced criticism for using the N-word, Forbes reported.

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Schnatter donated $14 million personally to help fund the 20-year-old stadium's construction and subsequent expansion, and the Papa John's company added another $6 million, according to the Courier-Journal.

The company told the publication it is still working out the exact timing and details as to how it plans to remove Schnatter, who has always been the face of the chain, from advertisements.

Schnatter used the offensive term while undergoing training on how to avoid future PR disasters with media agency Laundry Service, after he previous year controversially blamed NFL national anthem protests for his company's sagging pizza sales. The company's shares, which had fallen almost 5 percent Wednesday, rebounded 11 percent Thursday after the company announced Schnatter's resignation as chairman.

Schnatter subsequently issued a statement acknowledging the use of "inappropriate and hurtful" language. But, "I said it, and it's wrong", he said. The Baltimore Orioles, no strangers to embarrassment themselves in 2018, suspended their efforts to poison fans with 50% Papa John's discounts every time the team scores five or more runs - a promotion activated 29 times in 93 games this year.

You won't be able to buy Papa John's pizza at Target Field starting tonight.

Papa John's isn't the only pizza option at Target Field.

Today, it has more than 3,400 locations in North America.