Trump meets with Theresa May after candid British tabloid interview


Most damaging was Trump's statement that the United States would probably not do a trade deal with the UK because of the limitations on trade implied in May's Brexit plan.

He added: "We record when we deal with reporters".

Watch Trump's response about May below, and listen to the "fake news" audio here.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday he looked forward to finalizing a post-Brexit trade deal with Britain, striking a contrasting tone to a newspaper interview when he said Prime Minister Theresa May's strategy would kill such an agreement.

"I wanted to make it very clear that, when Trump came to the country, that we don't agree with his policies", said Kimberley, 35, at the protests in central London.

Touching on Mr Khan's office approving the Trump baby balloon, he said: "I think he has not been hospitable to a government that is very important". "I didn't criticize the prime minister", he said. "The trade is a little bit tricky".

But 51% again say that the USA president is untrustworthy to negotiate a trade deal with, including 38% who say he is "very untrustworthy".

"I mean that. And I must say, I have gotten to know Theresa May much better over the last two days than I have known her over the last year-and-a-half". "If the strategy at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was to shore up more spending in some ways, the president didn't want to take the win that he had because actually North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have been increasing spending on their own defense, which they haven't yet hit the deadline for in 2024".

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"As far as advice, I did give her a suggestion - I wouldn't say advice - and I think she found it maybe too brutal".

Al Jazeera's Lee described Trump's interview as "absolutely incendiary". As images of the front page story were released on Twitter, fury spread among United Kingdom diplomats. "I think you are losing your culture".

But I also said that this incredible woman, right here, is doing a fantastic job, a great job.

Thursday, Trump had said, "I think they like me a lot in the U.K". I don't take questions from CNN. He then called on Fox News' John Roberts, saying, "Let's go to a real network".

The man behind the balloon said the juvenility of his idea was a match for the juvenility of the president.

May hosts Trump on Thursday for a black-tie dinner with business leaders at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Second World War prime minister Winston Churchill, and on Friday, the pair will visit a defence site before travelling to the prime minister's Chequers country residence for talks followed by a press conference.

He apologised to the PM for the story and said the newspaper left out the good things he had said about her, adding "it's called fake news".

Ms May and Mr Trump both spoke of the importance of the "special relationship" between their two countries, something that Brexit supporters hope will reap benefits when Britain leaves the European Union, allowing it to forge closer trade ties with the world's biggest economy.