CVS pharmacist denies hormones to trans woman


Following the incident at CVS, Hall contacted her doctors who called the pharmacist but she says he refused to explain why he wouldn't fill the prescription.

It was the first time she received a prescription for the hormone therapy. "I was finally going to start seeing my body reflect my gender identity and the woman I've always known myself to be".

The apology comes after Hilde Hall shared her experience on the American Civil Liberties Union's website.

"He did not give me a clear reason for the refusal", Hall wrote, "embarrassed and distressed, I almost started crying in the middle of the store", she continued.

Hall wrote that the pharmacist repeatedly and loudly asked her why she needed the prescriptions, which almost brought her to tears.

"I almost started crying in the middle of the store", she recalled.

"I felt like the pharmacist was trying to out me as transgender in front of strangers", Hall wrote. "It's just part of life", she said.

"After years of working to affirm my identity in a world where transgender people are questioned constantly about how well they know themselves, the pharmacist refused to fill one of the prescriptions needed to affirm my identity", she said.

After departing the store, Hall called the CVS customer service line twice to no avail, she said.

Under Arizona law, pharmacists may refuse to fill a prescription based on their moral values.

She filed a complaint with CVS after the incident but didn't receive acknowledgement for her concerns, Hall said.

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"CVS Health extends its honest apologies to Ms. Hall for her experience at our pharmacy in Fountain Hills, Arizona last spring", said the statement.

DeAngelis said the company did not appropriately respond to Hall's complaint because of an "unintentional oversight".

Hall said she hopes CVS also will take action and apologize for the way she was treated.

DeAngelo added they were making arrangements Friday to speak with Hall.

I transferred all of my prescriptions there so that I never again have to see the pharmacist who discriminated against me.

In April, the Trump administration said it planned to roll back a rule issued under former president Barack Obama that prevents doctors and hospitals from discriminating against transgender people.

We are very proud to have earned a ideal score on the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) Corporate Equality Index for the past four consecutive years for our policies and practices related to LGBTQ equality.

According to The Arizona Republic, the employee in question is no longer employed by CVS.

Hall has also filed a complaint with the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, according to The Republic.

After Arteaga complained to the pharmacy board about a Walgreens pharmacist denying her a miscarriage-related prescription because of personal beliefs, the agency began an investigation.