Internet "Hot Water Challenge" severely injures IN teen


The teens were attempting the "hot water challenge", a viral video trend that has already proven to be deadly.

A 15-year-old boy lost all the skin from his chest, arms and half his face after his friend poured boiling water all over him as part of the new "hot water challenge". When he fell asleep, he says the friend heated up some water and poured it on him, in what was supposed to be a joke, according to CBS affiliate WXIN.

"And then, I looked down at my chest, and my skin just fell off my chest". The teen suffered second-degree burns to his chest, back, and face after a prank gone wrong.

Doctors with IU Health say they're starting to see more of these so-called internet challenges land people in the emergency room.

The teen was admitted to a local hospital, where he remained under treatment for a week.

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"There's a limit to what you should do in a challenge and what you shouldn't do". The young man said that after he and his friend watched the "Hot Water Challenge" on YouTube, he later went to sleep.

"To see my baby, all burned up like that, it was heartbreaking", said Andrea, the teen's mother. "And, it's suggesting to people that they can try it and they won't be hurt, but they will be".

BartKus says it's possible that people who do the challenge could end up with permanent disfigurement due to burns on the body or burns to the airway that could result in death.

Andrea Clark, Kyland's mother, was pretty torn up by the extent of her son's injuries. "Don't take it overboard". In fact, a child already died a year ago after drinking boiling water as part of the Hot Water Challenge.

Clark was treated for his injuries in the hospital for a week. His doctors are hopeful that pigment will return in Clark's face within a few months. Ki'ari Pope and her cousin had allegedly been watching videos of the challenge, and the scalding hot water caused fatal injuries to her throat.