Is Imran Khan up to the prime minister's job?


"I suppose as a sportsman it's drummed into you", she said.

Imran Khan's party said it has begun talks with independents and small parties to form a coalition government after a resounding triumph in Pakistan's general election, as rival parties planned protests over alleged vote rigging. Sharif, who heads the party of jailed ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif, has rejected the results, alleging widespread fraud and manipulation. But where does that leave the rest of the world? Michael Gahler, the chief observer of the European Union Election Observation Mission in Pakistan, said on Friday the election was negatively affected by the political environment amid media restrictions and a problematic vote count.

"These included constraints placed on freedoms of expression and association during the campaign period that were at odds with Pakistani authorities' stated goal of a fully fair and transparent election", Nauert said.

But here's the dilemma the rest of us face.

The US$57 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a series of port and rail improvements associated with China's One Belt One Road infrastructure push, has led to massive imports of Chinese equipment and materials, swelling Pakistan's current account deficit. "People claim to do so many things and we hope for the best". The senior Qureshi supported the presidency of Gen Ziaul Haq after former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's hanging and later served as the governor of Punjab from December 1985 to December 1988. But, frankly, our expectations should be low.

Khan has offered to investigate all claims of irregularities, and promised to build a new Pakistan with an Islamic welfare state that would seek to elevate those mired in poverty. Khan's anti-West speeches may have been strident, but reality will overtake his rhetoric.

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He tweeted: "I'm very concerned that Russian Federation will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming Election". The indictment alleges that the Russians broke into Democratic email accounts and tried to penetrate state election systems.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) today expressed concerns about South Africa's fiscal policy, saying that policy uncertainty and regulatory overreach, inefficiencies in government companies, labour market rigidities, insufficient competition and corruption hindered private investment.

Dispelling statements attributed to him, the former KPK CM maintained that the rumors of factions within PTI were nothing but fake.

He has defeated mainstream parties who have long ruled Pakistan. Relations worsened after terror attacks by Pakistan-based groups on several military bases in India.

India and the West, therefore, should be cautious.

While Khan's pledge to eradicate graft appealed to voters, his campaign was characterised by complaints by journalists, politicians and activists of so-called pre-poll rigging by the military, which has dismissed the allegations.