Moore turns up the heat on Trump in Fahrenheit 11/9 trailer


It will explore the two most important questions of the Trump Era: How the f**k did we get here, and how the f**k do we get out? The documentary takes in Trump's election campaign in 2016, his first year in office, and how Trump's victory is invariably tied to the crises facing America, including the openness of white supremacy and fascism, the cosy relationship Trump has with the far-right, and everything in between. Trump won the presidency by just 77,000 combined votes from those three states.

Like "Fahrenheit 9/11", which tackled the impact of George W. Bush's presidency on society, Moore appears to be using this movie to present how Donald Trump's presidency happened and what it could mean for the us further down the line. "That all ends with this movie".

This is actually Moore's second Trump-related documentary over the past two years.

It's the latest offering from Moore aimed directly at the effect of Trump following on from his filmed one-man talk Michael Moore in TrumpLand and his Broadway show The Terms of My Surrender.

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"American journalism schools have not trained students how to cover an authoritarian leader", Moore said about the documentary. "Our media has no idea what it is up against".

Michael Moore has released for the first trailer for his upcoming "Fahrenheit 11/9", spraying "Flint water" into the front yard of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

In his conclusion, Trump indicated to the news outlet that another of the film's underlying messages will be that it will organized action, not hope, that will be crucial in defeating Trump.

Moore has previously said Trump will win the next presidential election in 2020 but speaking to chat show host Bill Maher in June, he said: "I'm finishing my movie and getting it out before the midterms because I want millions of people to get to the polls".