Donald Trump Condemns Racism on Anniversary of Charlottesville Riots


More than 100 people are demonstrating against racism in downtown Charlottesville, marking the one-year anniversary of a violent white nationalist rally and protesting this year's ramped-up police presence.

On Sunday morning, activist Grace Aheron, 27, donned a Black Lives Matter T-shirt and joined hundreds of fellow Charlottesville residents who gathered at Booker T. Washington Park to mark the anniversary of last year's bloodshed. We must come together as a nation, ' he wrote on Saturday morning. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence.

Organizers of #OccupyLafayettePark, a civil rights group that holds nightly protests in the square, held up posters reading "Love America, Hate Trump" and "Defend The District From White Supremacy" just a few steps away from the White House.

In what is seen as a defining mark of his presidency, he blamed "both sides" for the violence, eliciting widespread criticism for what was seen as drawing a moral equivalence between hate groups - some of whom supported his candidacy - and those who protested them.

In an interview later Friday on "Anderson Cooper 360", Bro said she thinks it's time to "take the focus off Heather, as Heather would want us to do".

The president of the University of Virginia has offered an apology to the students and community members who faced off a year ago against white supremacists during a march through campus.

The Spectrum News DC bureau will be covering the Unite the Right rally Sunday, as well as the counter-protests.

Protesters from the UVA community, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other groups protested near the Rotunda Saturday evening.

According to the City of Charlottesville, Algenon Cain, 28, was arrested for trespassing on two separate occasions.

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Last year's torch rally is something students won't forget, but they say this movement is now bigger than that. Several demonstrations by counterprotesters, who were expected to outnumber the white nationalists, were due to be held nearby.

Heyer, 32, was killed during the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, one year ago, when a man with alleged neo-Nazi ties drove his vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters.

U.S. Attorney Tim Heaphy criticized the performance of Charlottesville officials and the state police, saying they "failed to "stand up" to protect human life".

At that demonstration, white supremacists and other members of the alt-right clashed with anti-racists.

White supremacists who marched and attacked counter-protesters in Charlottesville previous year continue to be publicly identified.

Lt. Jay Cullen and Trooper-Pilot Berke Bates died when their helicopter crashed while deployed as part of the response to last year's violence.

"You had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides", Trump said.

Jason Kessler, who also organized last year's event, predicted 400 in his permit application, but turnout could be much lower.

Ahead of the anniversary of the deadly rally, Heyer's mother Susan Bro said she is proud of her daughter and the difference her legacy is making. The declarations enable law enforcement to access state resources, including the National Guard, if unrest breaks out at events in and around Charlottesville and outside Washington, where a "Unite the Right 2" rally is scheduled.