McNair's parents: Keep DJ Durkin away from players


McNair collapsed during a May 29 practice after suffering a heatstroke and died 15 days later.

University of Maryland athletic director Damon Evans told reporters at a press conference Tuesday that preliminary findings indicate McNair didn't receive appropriate medical care, best practices were not followed and mistakes were made by the athletic training staff. University of Maryland president Wallace Loh said the school accepts "legal and moral responsibility" for the mistakes.

A report on McNair's death is expected by September 15.

In a September 16, 2016 file image, lineman Jordan McNair of McDonogh High School, with the University of Maryland, died June 13, 2018, two weeks after collapsing during a team workout. Rick Court, the team's head strength and conditioning coach, resigned on Monday. According to ESPN, Maryland head athletic trainer Wes Robinson yelled, "Drag his ass across the field!".

In an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America" on Thursday, Martin McNair said, point blank, that Durkin, Maryland's third-year head coach, should not be able to coach in general.

Cleveland Browns safety Jabrill Peppers played under DJ Durkin at MI when the Maryland coach was Jim Harbaugh's defensive coordinator - and the former Wolverines star said Tuesday he felt Durkin's coaching tactics were "extreme at times".

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The grieving parents were shocked when they first got the call that their son was in the hospital. He was a four-star recruit from McDonough School's class of 2017 in Owings Mills, Maryland. I thought he was only like that because it was his first time coaching us.

Martin McNair also described his son as healthy.

"Jordan was the type of person who would give his all, give his best, because someone asked him to do something", Wilson said. He wouldn't have stopped, ' his mother, Tonya Wilson, trying to hold back tears said.

The parents' lawyer, Hassan Murphy, said "there's no doubt" there was a "toxic culture" within the school's football program.

"The toxic culture is what led to them to push Jordan beyond what his body could tolerate. That's toxic", Hassan said on "GMA" Thursday morning.

Jordan McNair's parents also said they've formed a charity to raise awareness about heatstroke.