Trump Administration Ends $200 Million in Funding for Syria Stabilization Programs


There will be no global reconstruction funding for Syria until a "credible and irreversible" political process led by the United Nations is underway, a U.S. State Department official said Friday as the United States announced plans to redirect $230 million USA in frozen funding away from the civil war-torn country.

Later on the same day, Nauert said in a teleconference with the media that Pompeo has appointed Jim Jeffrey, U.S. former ambassador to Iraq, to be the Secretary's Representative for Syria Engagement, a new position Pompeo created to work on the Geneva Process.

Working with Congress, the State Department will redirect these funds to support other key foreign policy priorities.

Yet the funding cut is regarded as the latest USA financial retreat from Syria.

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday announced that the United States's decision to end the "ridiculous" development fund for Syria and urged the "rich countries" to pay instead.

"The United States is the largest single country humanitarian donor for the Syria response, providing almost $8.1 billion in humanitarian assistance since the start of the crisis for those displaced inside Syria and the region", the statement said.

The State Department "continues to work with the global community, members of the Coalition, and our partners on the ground to provide much needed stabilization support to vulnerable areas in Syria", the spokesperson said in March.

The Saudi Embassy described the $100 million as part of a pledge made by Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir during a USA -sponsored conference in Brussels about the Islamic State group in July at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters.

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"We are remaining in Syria", McGurk said Friday, when asked about the perception that the pulling away.

The move came as the US also announced it will be redirecting $230 million in funding for Syria's stabilization elsewhere as part of President Donald Trump's efforts to extricate the USA from the conflict in Syria.

The US is remaining in Syria, and will focus on "enduring defeat" of ISIS, said the US official.

Taiwan has been committed to the stabilization efforts in Syria since 2014, when Taiwan became a member of the USA -led Global Coalition To Defeat ISIS, Lee told CNA.

"This substantial contribution will play a critical role in the coalition's efforts to revitalize communities, such as Raqqa, that have been devastated by ISIS terrorists", the embassy said in a statement. Jeffrey, who retired in 2012, also holds the highest rank in the U.S. Foreign Service: career ambassador.

Yet Friday's funding cut is the latest Trump administration financial retreat from Syria.

The stabilization and early recovery programs are crucial in this process to ensure that the terrorist organization Daesh would not return to Syria once again for using it as a base to threaten the peoples of the region or plotting attacks against the worldwide community.

The United States has been aiding a military campaign in Syria which had taken back much of the territory once occupied by the militant group. "I want to develop the USA, our military and countries that help us!"