Match help surpassed in the box office battle fury and Klitschko


Nonetheless, the two stars from YouTube will gear up for another fight almost six months from now.

"I think it's what the people want".

Logan Paul and his brother Jake were stars on Vine before the platform shuttered previous year.

Both men are likely to make millions from the event between ticket sales, streaming revenue and merchandise. His tilt with Logan Paul has opened up an even wider audience to his antics, and a bigger venue to measure up to those expectations.

"Let's do it. That was fun".

Meanwhile, Logan Paul has around 18 million subscribers and was in the mainstream media after a video which he filmed in the Japanese suicide forest which drew the ire of many who found his actions incredibly disrespectful to the Japanese nation and their culture.

South Africa responds to incorrect Trump tweet on land reform plan
Officials from AfriForum welcomed Trump's tweet on Thursday, saying it would put pressure on South African authorities to act. Some noted that Trump's tweet came just days after he was accused by a former White House staffer of using the N-word.

Buffer, who has become one of the most iconic figures in MMA history, reposted an image on Instagram of his brother, boxing announcer Michael Buffer, with both Jake and Logan Paul.

However, The Verge notes that many watched pirated streams of the fight on Twitch or Periscope. Here's everything you need to know about the YouTuber before his big fight goes down!

Olajide "KSI" Olatunji is a 25-year-old British gamer, comedy vlogger and rapper whose videos have racked up 4.4 billion views despite heavy criticism for lewd comments towards women in some of his clips.

KSI took on the victor, Weller, at the Copper Box Arena in London in February, and won.

One judge scored it 58-57 for KSI, but two judges handed in scores of 57-57.

The fight will be broadcast online via YouTube live stream video feed, fans can also catch the event on for order. A rematch was suggested by KSI which Logan Paul agreed to, saying that they would have to meet once again in another fight.