California becomes second USA state to commit to clean energy


In response to a mass shooting six months ago at a Florida high school, California lawmakers on Tuesday sent the governor a bill that would allow teachers, employers and co-workers to ask judges to remove guns from people they see as a danger to the public.

Senate Bill 10 would virtually eliminate the payment of money as a condition of release.

The governor has waited almost four decades to revamp the state's cash bail system.

California passed legislation Tuesday that would make it the first large state to mandate completely carbon-free electricity generation, with a target of 2045.

For other suspects, local courts will conduct a risk assessment.

The bail industry predictably opposed the bill from start to finish, as the Los Angeles Times reported that the new law is "expected to decimate the bail industry".

The new law lets counties set up their own pretrial assessment agencies or run their risk assessment programs through existing probation departments.

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'Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly, ' Brown said.

The goal of the legislation is to eliminate human bias in court proceedings, but critics argue the new system that will be created by the courts runs the risk of perpetuating discrimination.

"[Senate Bill 10] sets up a system that allows judges almost unlimited discretion to order people accused of crimes, but not convicted and presumptively innocent, to be held in jail with no recourse until their case is solved", wrote a delegation of criminal justice reform advocates to the governor.

Raj Jayadev, co-founder of advocacy organization Silicon Valley De-Bug, said like the ACLU, his group is a former supporter of the bill.

As the US' most populous state, just over a third of energy in California comes from wind, solar or geothermal power, CBS said citing the US Energy Information Administration.

"They took our rallying cry of ending money bail and used it against us to further threaten and criminalize and jail our loved ones".