Theresa May mocked after dancing with school children during South Africa visit


May said achieving inclusive growth is a challenge across the world, adding that Africa needs to create 50,000 new jobs per day to keep employment rate at its current level till 2035.

Some commentators suggested her dancing may not be too cringeworthy.

The party said the report had further confirmed that Buhari had been presiding over what it described as a very corrupt administration, while at the same time posturing as Mr Integrity and pointing fingers at everyone else but himself.

"I think it's impossible not to look at the British market at this point, but I'll also say that while Britain remains a viable trade partner, it just doesn't hold the same value to Africa as China and to a lesser extent, the USA".

As part of that strategy, May is visiting three of Africa's largest economies - South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya - along with her trade minister and a delegation of 29 business leaders.

"I discussed it with President Ramaphosa during his visit to Britain earlier this year and will discuss it with him again later today", she said.

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Britain will also be opening more embassies on the continent, including in Chad and Niger, May said, countries that have a closer connection to France due to their colonial history, but which are threatened by terror groups.

May, who is conducting the first working visit by a British leader to South Africa since 2011, joined in with the students, moving from side to side and bobbing up and down.

Another focus of Britain's investment, May said, will be to address security challenges in Africa, "bolstering states under threat" from Islamic extremism in countries such as Chad, Mali and Niger.

When May meets with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday, he will be fresh back from meeting US President Trump in Washington.

"Most of the world's poorest people are Africans".

May later met with Ramaphosa in Cape Town. "Land reform that is legal, that is transparent, that is generated through a democratic process".

According to her, the focus is to achieve "inclusive growth", noting that United Kingdom would invest in Africa to create more jobs to combat poverty and at the same time tackle global challenges.