Chicago Bears land top pass rusher Khalil Mack in blockbuster National Football League trade


It was clear the Raiders weren't going to pay that price.

Mack should have a transformative effect on those around him, as he'll command attention in a manner that allows the likes of Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman and Leonard Floyd to have more freedom to operate.

And it's possible the two first-round picks wouldn't have gotten it done either.

Not only did he haul in eight catches for 128 yards and three touchdowns, but his work on special teams was excellent too, and truthfully, that probably played into the thinking of keeping him around.

It's not a surprise the 49ers tried snagging the All-Pro defensive end. They added some new playmaking targets, most notably former Jacksonville Pro Bowl receiver Allen Robinson. That's a disappointment for the Jets, but at least it seems like they tried.

The going rate for star players in the National Football League was high back in 2009, but the numbers on Albert Haynesworth's contract aren't as ridiculous now as they were back then. Because superstar Khalil Mack has been traded away from the AFC West. The Raiders won't see the first returns on Mack's trade until next year and the rest will come a year later.

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At this time, the exact compensation the Chicago Bears gave up to acquire Khalil Mack is unknown, but his arrival in the NFL North should have the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, and Detroit Lions on notice. "We're going to figure it out". Sure, he doesn't have to break the bank for Mack (like the Chicago Bears gladly did, making Mack the highest-paid defender in the league), but he also doesn't have his best player anymore. Mack was asked what he thought when he saw the numbers of Donald's contract.

That is dependent on, of course, where the picks are.

It's been known for some time that after signing a massive 10-year, $100 million deal, head coach Jon Gruden has had final say on all personnel decisions.

Mack was asked when he figured out that his future wouldn't be the Raiders. Let's look at three teams that ultimately might have missed out on landing the superstar pass rusher and why they might have missed out. But the Jets had the ammunition and the cap room to do it if they wanted. Well, it has to be spent somewhere.

Like the Vikings did with Allen, the Bears are getting Mack at the height of his powers. But Mitch Trubisky is entering his second year.

But that's where the good news ends.