Classy Hamilton outshines Vettel in Italy


The defending world champion produced a perfectly-judged race of raw aggression and astute tire-management to finish 8.7 seconds ahead of Kimi Raikkonen, who on Saturday had claimed pole position for Ferrari with the fastest lap in Formula One history.

Vettel eventually finished fourth but Hamilton won the race and extended his advantage to 30 points.

"There are many points to win back now in the championship, but we still have time to improve and we have the margin to recover". The Dutchman was handed a five-second time penalty by which time Hamilton was leading, having passed Raikkonen on the outside at the Rettifilo. I really just appreciate that and respect it so much.

Verstappen is given a 5 second penalty for squeezing Bottas off the road.

"I think it was 100 per cent Sebastian's fault", Rosberg told Sky F1.

"We have understood the auto better [and] understood the tyres better".

Hamilton makes a break for the lead, and he does it!

Then Hamilton hunted down Kimi Raikkonen, biding his time and he took the lead with eight laps to go.

A brilliant battle developing for the lead.

Hamilton demonstrated his commitment again by passing Raikkonen to lead. Bottas rejoins in fourth place.

Bottas's slower pace boxed Raikonnen in and allowed Hamilton, on fresher tyres, to close in and then pounce in the latter stages. But Bottas still needs to pit of course. Bottas now out in front.

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Monza - known as the Temple of Speed - is the fastest track on the circuit and Raikkonen's lap was at an average speed of 263.587kmh, beating the sport's quickest lap which was also set here by Juan Pablo Montoya for Williams in 2004.

Vettel added that the incident was "unnecessary" and that Hamilton could easily have been the one that came away with a damaged vehicle in last place. Second to 18th to now ninth.

Bottas has done so twice against Ferrari's No 1, but arguably he could have done so more had vehicle unreliability, a puncture and a collision with Vettel not happened.

"It is very, very easy to allow it to get to you, to allow it to have an impact on your life and have you think about it, all these different things".

Lap 13/53 Vettel up to 11th.

Vettel up to 14th after nipping past Ricciardo just before turn 2.

According to Vettel's version of events, Hamilton did not leave him enough room to avoid a collision. Then he got Kimi [Raikkonen] as well.

"But we haven't seen Sebastian [Vettel] perform in a vehicle without any damage". And it's brought in on the opening lap.

Yet despite a weekend of fine accomplishment, Raikkonen also underlined why Ferrari should dispense with his services at the end of the season and bring in Charles Leclerc to partner Sebastian Vettel for 2019.

He said the German needs to cut out the mistakes if he has any hopes of beating Lewis.