People Are Destroying Their Nike Gear In Response To Colin Kaepernick Ad


A Nike spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fans have been burning clothes, cutting off the trademark Nike swoosh, and calling for a boycott in protest at the new deal with the quarterback, who has not yet signed a deal for this season.

Rich spent last night on a splenetic Twitter rant about Kaepernick and Nike.

Brady made his mark on Instagram - where he "liked" several different posts featuring Colin's new Nike ad. Now, the former quarterback has become a face of one of the most iconic advertising campaigns in the history of sports: Nike's "Just Do It" campaign. However, those who disapprove of Kaep's "take a knee" stance and Nike's decision to use him in their campaign are taking their disdain to extreme lengths.

Kaepernick made headlines worldwide in 2016 when he chose to kneel for the US national anthem as a protest against police brutality and racial inequality. "Even if it means sacrificing everything" are emblazoned over his face.

Nike has built itself around its star athletes, many of whom are African- American.

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Working with Kaepernick lets the company shift its own controversy to an area where it can seem like a principled victor to many.

There is a risk of Nike upsetting its relationship with the NFL, which last week lost an attempt to dismiss Kaepernick's lawsuit alleging collusion by the league to prevent him from signing with a team. At a rally in Alabama previous year, Trump said team owners should "get that son of a bitch off the field" if a player knelt in protest of injustice during the anthem.

"Colin Kaepernick drew our collective attention to the problem of continued racial injustice in America", former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan wrote on Twitter.

When a radical anti-Semite, anti-American Iranian dictator emphatically agrees with you, maybe that's a sign that Beto, the National Football League, and Nike are all on the wrong side of the American people.

National Football League and Nike have also extended their partnership until 2028, with Nike providing all National Football League teams with game-day kits and sideline clothing.

However, there has been an outpouring of support for ostracised former San Francisco 49ers player Kaepernick, who first protested by sitting during the national anthem in August 2016, later opting to kneel. "Colin is not now employed by an NFL team and has no contractual obligations to the NFL", Nike spokesperson Sandra Carreon-John said.