Sasse returns from Supreme Court hearings


Newly released documents from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's time on the Kenneth Starr team investigating reveal his resistance to issuing an indictment of a sitting president.

However, Democrats are expected to use a committee rule to delay the vote until September 20 or 27.

"I have concluded that Judge Kavanaugh will create a Supreme Court majority that will threaten women's reproductive rights, roll back essential environmental regulations, and favor large corporations over workers", Bennet wrote. Collins is in the spotlight as a rare pro-abortion rights Republican who could vote "no" in a Senate where Republicans hold a slim 51-49 majority.

In the coming weeks, as the final vote for Kavanaugh's confirmation draws near, the handful of Democrats on the fence who are in a potential political bind depending on how they vote will begin to maker their positions known.

The Archives has said its review of some 1 million pages of Kavanaugh records the committee requested will not be fully available until the end of October.

Pointing to President Trump's campaign rhetoric and pre-election list of 25 Supreme Court candidates "all very far to one side", Schumer told host John Catsimatidis he fears Kavanaugh is a power play for a presidential administration under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

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"We should put these Democratic Senators under oath, because they are the ones deliberately misleading the public", Shah said.

Kavanaugh maintained that he views Roe v. Wade, which legalized a woman's right to obtain an abortion, as an "important precedent" during his recent Senate hearing, including when he was asked directly about the 2003 email. Democrats have warned that Kavanaugh may be unwilling to protect special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible coordination between President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian Federation.

Earlier Thursday, Sen. Booker, D-N.J., claimed he was taking a dramatic risk by publicizing emails from 2002 that he had said on Wednesday indicated that Kavanaugh was open to racial profiling.

"I have to tell you that despite the embarrassing display by many Senate Democrats in the Judiciary Committee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh showed the intellect, the temperament, the judicial philosophy that I believe should generate broad-based support in the United States Senate", Pence said. Orrin Hatch asked him directly if he received "any documents that appeared to you to have been drafted or prepared by Democratic staff members of the Senate Judiciary Committee". Still, she's sent signals that Kavanaugh cleared a hurdle by telling her that Roe v. Wade establishing abortion rights is settled law.

"I am also deeply troubled by Judge Kavanaugh's views on executive power".

"It all seemed consistent with the usual kinds of discussions that happen and sometimes people do say things of 'here's what my boss is thinking, but don't share it around, '" Kavanaugh said. I care about the integrity of the Supreme Court. Booker said he was willing to face possible punishment under Senate rules by releasing the documents himself, although Republicans said they had already agreed to release them. He said the group would have been required to fill out a form that would "make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs" that they opposed. Hunter Lechance, a 15-year-old asthma sufferer, warned that if Kavanaugh is confirmed it would mean "more air pollution, more asthma attacks, and more premature deaths for the millions of Americans unfortunate enough to be afflicted with asthma like me".