Soon-Yi Previn says Woody Allen pursued relationship with her


Though she declined to recall a single positive memory with Farrow in the interview, Previn does acknowledge that when her mother discovered their relationship after finding nude photographs of Previn on Allen's mantel, "it would have been awful for her".

Dylan Farrow and Ronan Farrow have responded to a profile published by NY magazine on Sunday night with Soon-Yi Previn that features Previn's "bizarre fabrications" about their mother, Mia Farrow, and how she treated them as children. "Would I be with him for over 20 years to get vengeance at Mia?", she told Vulture. But what's happened to Woody is so upsetting, so unjust, ' said Soon-Yi. Accusations and criticisms were continually levied by the Farrows, including Mia, Dylan, and Allen's journalist son Ronan (who was at the forefront of the #MeToo movement as one of the leaders of the various investigative reports about Harvey Weinstein). When New York Magazine contacted me, they described multiple obvious falsehoods. Allen, 35 years Previn's senior, was painted as a corrupting influence over the young and purportedly naïve college student, a notion that was bolstered by Farrow's claims that the director had molested their then 7-year-old daughter Dylan. "I am a pariah", Merkin quotes the director as saying during a lunch.

"I think he is, but I wouldn't bet my life on it", he told her. Here are five important facts you should know about Woody Allen's wife of 21 years, and the allegations she's made against her mother. Later that month, Allen sued Mia Farrow in New York State Court for the custody of Dylan, Ronan and Moses Farrow, and shortly thereafter released a statement confirming his relationship with Previn.

In the article, Previn also spoke at length about the tumultuous relationship with her mother portraying them as "oil and water".

Dylan added: 'The author even suggested that my mother bribed me to lie with a doll that was not manufactured until years later. She says she can't think of a single pleasant memory of her mother. "She would also tip me upside down, holding me by my feet, to get the blood to drain to my head. And then she called everyone", Previn went on. "She didn't contain the situation; she just spread it like wildfire".

► Previn describes the start of her relationship with Allen as happening over an Ingmar Bergman movie.

Interested in Woody Allen? "So instead of doing what you would do with an infant - you know, maybe get into the water, put some toys in, put your arm in to show that you're fine, it's not risky - she just kind of threw me in". "I thought he must be the same way", Previn claimed.

Ronan Farrow won a shared Pulitzer for breaking the Harvey Weinstein allegations
Ronan Farrow won a shared Pulitzer for breaking the Harvey Weinstein allegations

Previn, who is originally from South Korea, was adopted by Farrow at the age of 6.

The 47-year-old, in an article in the NY magazine, said she had chose to speak out because Dylan Farrow - who is an adopted daughter of Allen - has unfairly accused her husband of sexually abusing her when she was a child.

The interview, it's worth noting, was conducted by Daphne Merkin, a friend of Allen's for over 40 years.

She "regrets" that Farrow found naked Polaroids in early 1992 that Allen shot of her.

"Survivors of abuse deserve better". He echoed Soon-Yi's allegations of abuse against their mother, telling Vulture that her mothering was allegedly a "total breakdown of your spirit, to ensure that you would do what she wanted you to do".

Dylan also noted that the NY magazine piece's author, Daphne Merkin, calls herself a longtime friend of Allen's.

Dylan's brother Ronan Farrow also condemned NY Mag for the "hit job" against his mother, riding the publication for refusing to "include eyewitness testimony that would contradict falsehoods in this piece".

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