Boris Johnson calls May's Chequers plan 'deranged' ahead of Conservative conference


Following Mr Johnson's criticisms of Mrs May's commitment to Brexit - the Prime Minister having voted Remain in the June 2016 referendum - and her soft Chequers plan for exiting the bloc in a Sunday Times interview, senior party Remain supporters have come out to attack of the former Vote Leave figurehead.

The Government's current offer to Brussels was hammered out with the cabinet at Chequers, the Prime Minister's countryside retreat, so it should not be a surprising to have its place of origin acknowledged. But she put a positive spin on those talks, saying she was ready to consider to the EU's concerns.

European Union ambassadors have stepped up their no-deal preparations because of increased uncertainty over whether MPs will accept the Chequers plan.

"Unlike the prime minister, I campaigned for Brexit", the former foreign secretary says.

'The EU have been very clear that as they negotiate with us they have their red lines, just as we have our red lines, and they are not prepared to negotiate for a free trade agreement which includes the whole of the United Kingdom because of the impact that would have on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, ' he told ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Johnson is among a group of eurosceptics in her Conservative party who are using the conference in Birmingham to make the case for a looser trade agreement.

Brandon Lewis speaking from the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

"Chequers can not command support at Conservative Conference, let alone in Parliament or across the country", said Paul Blomfield, a Brexit spokesman for Labour.

Meanwhile pro-European Conservatives joined hundreds of people chanting "Bollocks to Brexit" at a rival rally calling for a new European Union referendum.

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Meanwhile, Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has become embroiled in her own security blunder after pranksters changed the text on her parliamentary website to include suggestions that the Irish border problem could be solved by drones and the blockchain.

Despite Brexit dominating political discussions, polls suggest it lags behind the state-run National Health Service as Britons' greatest concern and Hammond said people would have to pay more in tax to fund extra investment.

Since losing her parliamentary majority in a disastrous snap election past year, May has faced endless internal plotting and rumors of a leadership challenge.

Similar crowds are expected at a conference event on Tuesday with former minister Boris Johnson, a rival for May's job who has condemned her plan as "deranged".

In his interview Sunday, he made a direct pitch for the leadership by setting out a slew of domestic policy ideas.

One Brexiteer MP who wants a new leader told Agence France-Presse the crunch time would come when the House of Commons votes on the final Brexit deal, possibly in November or December.

During Monday's speech Raab also attacked the opposition Labour party who, at their own annual conference in September, voted to back a second referendum, criticising leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnel for hijacking the party.

May only has a slim working majority among the 650 MPs, making her vulnerable to even the smallest rebellion.