Russia maintains contacts with Israel over downed plane - agencies


The reasons why Israel adopted this strategy are still valid, and it is of paramount importance that Israel continue the campaign to stop Iran's entrenchment in Syria, while preserving a friendly relationship with Russian Federation.

If the USA cares as much about the concept of sovereignty as President Donald Trump claims, it should stop interfering in the affairs of other countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says.

"As President [Vladimir] Putin said, after that incident. the measures that we will take will be devoted to ensuring 100 percent safety and security of our men", said Lavrov.

Lavrov deflected accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, a nerve agent attack in Britain and other meddling overseas - despite mounting evidence of a broad, coordinated influence campaign.

"The global community has to pay a high price for the parochial, self-serving ambitions of a small group of countries", Mr. Lavrov said.

Relations between Western powers and Russian Federation have been tense over the war in Syria, where Moscow is supporting President Bashar al-Assad's forces. "The time for the negotiations is ripe, or I would say overripe", he said.

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And he said Moscow will do "everything possible" to preserve the multinational 2015 deal deal aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear program, despite the USA decision to withdraw from it. Lavrov called the US move a violation of United Nations resolutions and a threat to stability in the Middle East.

Russia's foreign minister on Friday accused the West of resorting to "political blackmail, economic pressure and brute force" to prevent the emergence of rival global powers. Israel previously vowed to destroy the S-300s if Syria used them to target its jets, claiming that Tel Aviv is only bombing the Arab Republic in order to thwart Iran and Hezbollah's ambitions to build missiles there that it fears will be used to one day attack it.

Lavrov lobbied for strengthening the United Nations instead of the go-it-alone doctrine that Trump laid out in his General Assembly speech earlier this week, slamming the UN's central tenet of multilateralism from inside its halls.

By supplying the Syrian government with more advanced anti-aircraft missiles and satellite navigation-jamming technology, Russian Federation is gaining greater influence over Syria's air defense.

The U.S. has also made countering Iranian influence a priority of its mission in Syria, despite the defeat of ISIS being the Pentagon's only official goal.