Scott Disick Denies Wanting to Have More Kids With Kourtney Kardashian


Scott Disick wants another baby with Kourtney Kardashian, according to Kim Kardashian West, who claims Scott text her the confession.

"There was a Band-Aid, and I put it on him, he didn't like the color of the Band-Aid, so we went upstairs in the kids" room and I go "oh look North has Jesus Band-Aids, put on one of those", she continued.

'He wanted me to post six polaroids from that shoot...but I posted one from the beach.

'I'm like, "I like the beach one" s and he's like "no!"

'I'm like it's my Instagram, you're not going to tell me what to post, that's like the one thing, no one will tell me what to post, ' she proclaimed.

To make amends she decided to "make him feel special" on Valentine's Day.

"I think so many husbands feel neglected when you start having kids and then all of their attention gets taken away", she said later in the episode.

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'Kanye's so thoughtful and even when he's in insane work-mode he always takes the time to check in on me, ' she said as she stocked up on saucy lingerie to impress him.

He also discussed the matter more with Kourtney's other sister, Khloe Kardashian.

"No, it was more along the lines of her saying how boring Kourtney was and if she was doing anything right she would have another kid with you", Scott explained of what Kim, 37, had told him. Kim decided she needed family input into how to handle the situation, so she emailed the group with her news. ". She did something really malicious, backstabbing and actually evil".

'Sofia is struggling when it comes to how close Scott and Kourtney really are.

'Having three kids honestly is insane, ' said Kim.

The show had opened with a bumper auto session with Kim, Kanye and the kids.

Yeah, we're sure Kourtney will think it's cute too, since you accidentally added her to the email encouraging the family to make it happen!