Postal worker quits, boxes of mail found dumped on side of road


A postal worker with an axe to grind has left hundreds of pieces of mail on the side of a New Jersey road after quitting his job.

The office was able to track down the employee who dumped the mail but learned the person resigned from their job on September 8, Balfour said.

The undelivered mail was discovered in New Jersey on Sunday morning and a man posted a picture of the letters, packages and boxes to Facebook.

"We do not anticipate any further action against this individual", Special Agent Scott Balfour told the paper Wednesday.

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According to, the mail was dated August 8 and had been out for delivery from the Roxborough Station Post Office in Philadelphia.

Bennett's post, which shows a dozen bins stuffed with mail and other items, has more than 3,500 shares on Facebook.

"It's really disgusting how this person could leave the mail on the side of the road", one woman commented.