'The Bachelor' Contestant Cristy Caserta Dead from Apparent Seizure


It's a sad day for Bachelor Nation. An autopsy will be performed Friday to determine the official cause of death.

The lawyer who competed for roses from Brad Womack was reportedly in the middle of a class she was attending on Thursday when she had some sort of seizure.

According to law enforcement sources, Cristy was in class at a school in Sunrise, FL, when she suddenly fell out of her desk.

Bachelor nation suffered another loss, as Cristy Caserta, 38, passed away suddenly on October 4 while suffering an apparent seizure as she attended a training class in Sunrise, Florida, according to TMZ. Caserta was sent home during the show's first week.

The Bachelor bachelorette Cristy Caserta has sadly died at the young age of 38.

"I had a personal relationship with them, and they said as long as I was serious going into it and it wasn't something I was just doing for fun or to BS, and that I actually wanted to go on to meet somebody, that they would be willing to give me the time off".

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"No drugs were found on Caserta", Fernandez added.

In her final Instagram post on September 15, a smiling Caserta was snapped holding a wine glass in celebration while touring a vineyard in Napa Valley, California.

Fellow contestant Ashley Spivey told Us Weekly, "I'm absolutely heartbroken about Cristy".

Brad ended up selecting Emily Maynard at the end of his journey to find love but they broke up several months after the finale aired.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Cristy's family during this horribly tragic time.