Kenya: Melania Trump visits third African country in one day


First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Lilongwe, Malawi, known as the "warm heart of Africa", on Thursday afternoon.

Her visit to Africa comes months after President Trump became under fire for calling African countries "Shithole". Her mission is to highlight her "Be Best" initiative and the positive impact USA aid has had on the continent, reports ABC News. Upon her departure, the first lady gifted children with dozens of "Be Best" soccer balls, tote bags and school supplies.

The first lady's run-in with the baby elephant was captured on video. To say her visit didn't get off to a warm start would be an understatement.

The First Lady later visited an orphanage, where she played with babies and read a book to the young children, before heading to watch a dance performance at the Nairobi National Theatre.

An hourlong special highlighting her trip to Africa ― which also includes stops in Ghana, Malawi and Egypt ― is scheduled to air next Friday on ABC. In an unexpected and potentially unsafe moment, a baby elephant bumped her.

The convoy of the US First Lady however passed by without any incident and Mrs Trump might have seen the protests.

She took photos on her iPhone of zebras, giraffes, impalas, rhinos and hippos.

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At a textbook handover ceremony, the First Lady discussed the importance of educating and empowering youth and lauded USAID's continued efforts to increase access to education for children in Malawi.

"They are simply taking advantage of their First Lady's high profile visit in Malawi to speak out so that the media here takes their message along as well", he said.

However her choice of a white colonial-style pith helmet while on safari drew some criticism on Twitter, with one person comparing her look to that of a "colonial administrator".

"When people think of Africa, they have these standard narratives", Dionne said.

Speaking of, the wife of Donald Trump was almost knocked over by an excited elephant during her visit to the animal sanctuary.

"She's shining a light on some of the great things the doing in Malawi and Africa".