Power restored to Indonesian quake city, but fate of thousands unknown


The Philippines is prepared to provide financial aid and send a humanitarian team to Indonesia following the devastating natural disaster and tsunami that hit Sulawesi island, President Duterte said Friday.

A total of 1,424 people have been confirmed dead and over 2,500 injured after the monster natural disaster struck Friday sending destructive waves barrelling into Sulawesi island.

The death toll following this dual tragedy is reported as 1,424 lives lost, with time running down to rescue survivors.

Some roads remain impassable, detritus from the tsunami is scattered everywhere, and terrified people are sleeping outside in makeshift camps for fear of more quakes.

At least seven cargo planes arrived at Palu airport early Wednesday morning carrying tonnes of aid, some bedecked in the red and white national colours and stamped with the presidential office seal declaring: "Assistance from the President of Republic of Indonesia".

Philip Besson, a member of the French organization Pompiers de l'urgence, said the team's high-tech sensors "detected the presence of a victim" in the wreckage of the four-star Mercure Hotel in Palu but wasn't able to say if the person is conscious.

Ferdinandus Setu, communications ministry spokesman, said authorities had received several reports about suspected cases and were working to "ensure that Indonesia's internet sphere is free from hoaxes". The government has said hundreds of people were severely injured in Friday's disasters.

More than 1,000 people may still be missing following last week's quake and tsunami in Indonesia, according to the county's search and rescue agency.

President Joko Widodo - who has battled false internet claims that he is a communist - inaugurated a new cyber security agency in January.

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Según se supo, estaba discutiendo con otro chico antes de caer pero se desconocen las causas por las que terminó ahí. El escenario del hecho fue la estación Libertad del ramal "Tapiales - Marinos del Crucero Gral".

"Now we have nothing at all....we tried everything and have no response", he said.

Members of the French organization Pompiers de l'urgence leave after checking for signs of life on their device at a heavily damaged Mercure hotel caused by the massive quake and tsunami in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia Friday, Oct. 5, 2018.

"We kept shouting 'Meiren, Meiren, it's me - your dad and your brother", he said.

According to Ali's testimony, a large group of people had gathered along the road that led to Donggala and Palu.

The natural disaster has already claimed more than 1,400 lives and Bungay Rotary Club is attempting to raise money to send Shelterboxes to the impacted areas.

Improvised white flags - a pillow case or duvet cover - fly outside many homes, signifying a death in the family.

"There is an immediate need for food, clean water, shelter, medical care and psycho-social support".

The U.N. announced a $15 million allocation to bolster relief efforts.