Air India plane hits wall on take-off


A Dubai-bound Air India flight hit a compound wall at Tiruchirappalli International Airport early on Friday and was diverted to Mumbai, reported ANI.

The flight Took off from Trichy at 1.30 am and made an emergency landing at Mumbaiat 5.39 am.

"All passengers landed safely at Mumbai airport and another aircraft from Mumbai to Dubai was arranged", the airline said.

Flight IX 611, comprising 129 passengers and seven crew members, was diverted to and landed in Mumbai.

The pilot in command reported that aircraft systems were operating normally, however, diverting the flight to Mumbai was a precautionary measure.

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Hurtling down the Trichy airport runway at 250 kilometres per hour, an Air India Express Boeing 737-800 struck poles at the end of the runway, rammed into the perimeter wall but still managed to fly.

Airport officials said that operations at the airport was not affected though the ILS has been hit.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation, which investigates aviation accidents and incidents, has been informed about the incident.

It was chose to divert the aircraft to Mumbai as a precautionary measure, the airline said. The flight's first officer Anurag has an experience of 3,000 hours on the B 737 aircraft. "The two pilots have been derostered pending investigation", it said. "The matter has been duly reported to the DGCA and the airline is fully cooperating with the investigation", the airline said.

Tamil Nadu tourism minister Vellamandi N Natrajan assessed the spot and said, "The airport authorities are assessing the situation here".