IL investigating 9 ‘sporadic’ cases of polio-like illness in children


While officials said the cases occurred in northern IL, more specific locations were not publicly available.

Two children in IL have been diagnosed with a rare Polio-like illness that is seeing a sudden uptick, mainly in kids, across the US. But there is a suspected case in Buffalo involving a 3-year-old boy.

Authorities say they have no confirmed cases of the nervous system condition called acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, in NY. Medical experts have said AFM itself is not believed to be contagious, but the causes of it could be.

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Officials liken the disease to Polio. In the case of the Batavia child, doctors say Julia Payne contracted what's known as an enterovirus and that was the cause of her AFM. "Since 2015, four cases reviewed by CDC experts have been counted in IL", the IDHP stated.

Since the CDC began studying AFM in 2014, there have been 362 documented cases, with 38 of them occurring this year. AFM has been compared to polio because the condition can lead to paralysis.

CDC officials said that they have not confirmed a cause for the majority of AFM cases and continue to investigate.