White woman calls 911 after spotting a black man babysitting white children


Mr Lewis described the incident as an example of "babysitting while black" and suggests that the only reason the woman contacted the police was because of his skin colour.

Mango says the officer told her Lewis was questioned because he's a black man driving around with two white children.

A white woman called the police on a black man who was babysitting two white children in Georgia, the man claims.

According to CBS, the woman approached Lewis while he was with the children in a Walmart parking lot in Cobb County. Why wouldn't they be ok?' Lewis continues.

"If I am wrong that is great, I'm thrilled".

The woman eventually called 911, and in an exchange captured by Lewis on Facebook Live, a Cobb County police officer pulled up to check on Lewis and the kids.

The officer briefly spoke with Lewis and asked to speak with the children as well. "All because I got two kids in the back seat who do not look like me, this lady took it upon herself to say that she's going to take my plate down and call the police", Lewis said on his Facebook.

In the final video, Mr Lewis is questioned by a police officer by the side of the road.

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The children were scared and confused.

"It's insane. It's 2018 and this is what I've got to deal with".

Mango told Yahoo her kids "were both fearful that Corey wouldn't be able to babysit them anymore".

Lewis runs his own Marietta-based child care and mentoring business called Inspired By Lewis. Lewis has spent plenty of time with Addison and her 6-year-old brother Nicholas.

It adds that Lewis works with youth "to uncover hidden talents, overcome obstacles, enhance confidence, and help them to realize that success is within their reach but also comes with hard work and determination". Concerned about the children's safety, he drove to his house, and when he arrived, so did the woman - and a police vehicle.

The woman then asked Lewis if she could talk to the children to make sure they were okay - and he refused, as he didn't see why he should let a complete stranger talk to the children whose safety he was supposed to be guarding. "That's the question I have".

"There were multiple people walking out of the store".