Pompeo to meet with Saudi king amid Khashoggi probes: Donald Trump


Tensions between the US and Saudi Arabia are rising following the disappearance of Khashoggi, who was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Turkish media have published images from October 2 of an alleged 15-member Saudi "assassination squad" and video of suspicious movements at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul after Khashoggi's disappearance.

Sens. Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake, members of the Foreign Relations Committee, said Congress is prepared to move quickly and firmly if Trump fails to adequately respond to the October 2 disappearance of Khashoggi, a Washington Post contributor.

President Donald Trump spoke out on Monday about his call with the Saudi King to discuss allegations his government killed and dismembered Washington Post writer and dissident Jamal Khashoggi.

Kudlow said changing circumstances could still affect Mnuchin's decision.

Trump said the USA would "get to the bottom of it" and noted there would be "severe punishment" for the Saudis if evidence proved they were involved in the murder of Khashoggi.

"There's not enough money in the world for us to buy back our credibility on human rights if we do not move forward and take swift action, " Rubio said.

Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Saudi Arabia had not cooperated in the investigation, despite proposing to create the joint working group with Turkish authorities. The screening comes after Saudi Arabia lifted a 35-year ban on movies in April when they screened "Black Panther".

While the kingdom has denied any involvement in Khashoggi, U.S. administration officials are said to increasingly regard the kingdom's position as untenable.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has said officials will conduct an "inspection" of the consulate on Monday afternoon as it investigates Khashoggi's disappearance.

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On Sunday, the oil-rich kingdom suggested retaliation if the USA were to impose strict measures.

Oil is still off the $86 peak seen last week before the sell-off on the United States markets.

Trump has said he probably will not cancel a $110 billion arms deal with the Saudi government because that could unnecessarily harm the U.S.

The inspection was agreed after a Saudi delegation of a dozen officials arrived in Turkey while Saudi King Salman and Turkish President Recep Erdogan spoke on the phone yesterday.

The newspaper also alleged Saudi officials tried to delete the recordings first by incorrectly guessing Mr Khashoggi's PIN on the watch, then later using the journalist's finger.

"Nobody knows yet, but we'll probably be able to find out". Jeffrey Currie, the head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs Inc., said Middle East tensions impacting the oil market have now "broadened to include Saudi Arabia".

Trump declined to provide an example of an action he was considering taking to punish Saudi Arabia, saying only that "there are many things we could do". "And we would be very upset and angry if that were the case", Trump explained.

"Well, there are many things we can do".

Saudi Arabia appears to be increasingly cornered.