Air India Air Hostess Falls Off Aircraft, Hospitalised


The incident took place early Monday morning on the Air India's New Delhi-bound AI 864, the airline said, terming the incident as "unfortunate" and promising an inquiry.

The wide-body Boeing 777 aircraft was preparing to depart for New Delhi when Harsha Lobo fell on the tarmac from a height of 20 feet, apparently through a gap between the rear door and the step ladder, a senior Air India official said. Soon after the incident took place, the airport and Air India staff rushed the Air India air hostess to Nanavati hospital for treatment.

A flight attendant sustained multiple injuries after falling out of an airplane as she prepared for boarding.

Harsha Lobo, 53, was performing her routine tasks on the New Delhi-bound flight for India's biggest worldwide carrier on Monday morning.

Citing sources, a Times of India report said the woman's right leg had a fracture and she underwent a CT scan at the hospital.

It further added, "She also suffered from a sprain in the neck (cervical spine). She is being treated under Dr. Prakash M. Doshi, Director of Orthopedics and Traumatology, and is now under observation", the statement added.

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The Air India Boeing 737 allegedly collided into an airport perimeter wall just after takeoff from Trichy Airport in Tamil Nadu, south India.

In December 2015, a technician working for Air India died after being sucked into a jet engine as the plane pushed back for take-off at Mumbai airport. "An investigation will be carried out to determine the exact cause of the incident".

"More parts of the aircraft could have come off had it continued to cruise for a bit longer, endangering the lives of passengers", VK Kukar, a former Air India Pilot, told the Indian newspaper. IndiGo has been facing problems with the Pratt & Whitney engines powering its A320 neo aircraft, Sputnik reported last week.

Despite the audible hit, the pilot continued flying the plane, 130 passengers and six crew members across the Indian ocean and halfway to Dubai.

The plane was operated by Air India's low-priced wing, Air India Express.