Apple buys music analytics platform Asaii for under $100m


But if Apple wanted to, they could also use it to digitally scout up-and-coming musicians and sign them to Apple Music exclusives before the other music labels snap them up. So what will Apple do with Asaii's tech?

According to Axios, Apple's Asaii acquisition was "worth less than $100m".

Asaii announced previously that it would shut down on October 14th, The Verge notes.

The music analytics company developed a dashboard that pulls data from music services and social media.

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It allows users to compare daily, weekly and total playcounts of tracks across multiple artists. Apple's subscription music service had 50 million active users in May, though the company hasn't updated the figures since.

Spotify, Apple's main rival in the music streaming business, plans to allow unsigned artists to upload their music directly.

Apple routinely purchases startups and smaller companies to bolster is existing services and products, so the purchase isn't surprising, especially considering that Apple Music is a significant area of interest for Apple.