Breast cancer awareness starts with your own breast health


Diane Kabarungi a midwife at Oshen King Faisal says since it's evident that breast cancer cases are rising and that it is upon the public to be aware of this.

"Every year around 62,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United Kingdom so there's never been such an urgent need for our support".

"The short-term anxiety that could come from an inconclusive test result simply doesn't outweigh the many lives saved each year by mammography screening".

When the NFL's Crucial Catch campaign was initially started, most of its focus was put on breast cancer awareness.

Chicago is leading the nation in closing the disparity in breast cancer mortality rates between African-American and white women, an accomplishment announced previous year with much fanfare. The most common parts of the body that breast cancer spread to are the lymph nodes in the axilla, bones, liver, lungs and the brain.

"As a rabbi, I had known so many women who had gone through cancer treatment", she said.

So, we're talking about early detection for breast cancer in tonight's Ask the Doctor, with radiologist, Dr. Kinsey Pillsbury. DREAM Inc. will award a special person battling breast cancer with a surprise donation at the end of the walk. A nurse with the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force, will help Tatum navigate the system with her disease from start to finish.

Priestley says although individuals vary, many people with secondary breast cancer want to talk about their diagnosis, and acknowledging that it is a life-limiting illness is a big part of this.

"The money they raise will help Breast Cancer Care continue to provide a unique range of free support including reliable information, one-to-one support over the phone and online from nurses and people who've been diagnosed themselves".

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"Those guidelines just don't apply to young African-American women", said Dana Wint, a spokeswoman with the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force. After putting off an appointment to her doctor, she went in for her physical exam.

Harris went to Broward Health North in Deerfield Beach for treatment of triple negative breast cancer.

"Further studies are needed to estimate more precisely the extent to which a shorter pregnancy and heavier firstborns increase women's risk of developing breast cancer, and to study the possible causal mechanism in more depth". You breast tissue is three-dimensional.

"This is despite them often dealing with horrendous, unseen side effects like pain and extreme fatigue".

Avon is a national sponsor for the event, she said, and fields up to 300 participants for the borough's walk.

Two years later, in February 2018, a biopsy revealed she had stage 2 breast cancer.

"I've had family members, friends, who have succumbed to the disease", says Linda Garrett, a member of Shiloh Baptist Church. She said that she didn't have a history of cancer in her Haitian family, didn't smoke cigarettes, ate healthy and had none of the typical risk factors associated with breast cancer.

Women who haven't had a full-term pregnancy or have their first child after age 30 have a higher risk of breast cancer compared to women who gave birth before age 30.