Donald Trump hints at more China tariffs, doesn’t seek ‘depression’


In his interview, Chinese ambassador Cui admitted he was "confused" as to who in the USA administration had the president's ear on trade issues.

His speech preceded a report by the Pentagon that China represents a "significant and growing risk" to the supply of materials vital to the U.S. military. Negotiations have been on-again, off-again between the two nations. The head of Asia trading strategy at Citigroup Global Markets in Hong Kong, Mohammed Apabhai, says that at that time the U.S. will have been done with new tariffs imposed on $500 billion with of Chinese goods. US growth for 2019 was forecast to 2.5 percent, down from 2.9 percent this year.

This, in turn, would mean "emerging markets will bounce quite hard", according to Mr. Apabhai.

The latest trade stats showing a record breaking month for Beijing and could indicate USA tariffs aren't biting much - yet. In retaliation, Chinese President Xi Jinping raised duties on US$60 billion worth of products from America, which strengthened speculation that the end of the trade war is not yet in sight.

China accused the United States on Sunday of going on the offensive by sending U.S. Navy vessels into the South China Sea and described U.S. arms sales to Taiwan as interference in Chinese internal affairs.

Looking to next month's meeting between Trump and Xi, Cui said it was clear from previous meetings between the two leaders that "such top-level communication played a key role, irreplaceable role, in guiding the relationship forward".

China's politically-sensitive surplus with Washington was just over 34 billion dollars for September, overtaking a record 31 billion the month before.

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This predicted slowdown could bring both countries to the table faster in order to obtain a trade deal.

In his response, president Trump remarked, "And we have the strongest country economically since I took over".

REPORTER: "You promised more tariffs on China in retaliation".

"In fact, the Chinese believe, Trump's trade war effectively proves that China has become a real and present threat to American hegemony". "We never wanted a trade war, but if somebody started a trade war against us, we have to respond and defend our own interests", he said.

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President Trump has been very clear that China must halt "unfair" trading practices including theft of US intellectual property. Ms. Mateos says, "As long as these regions keep growing at a healthy clip, EM should be fine".