Florida's first flu death of the season is a child


The Tampa Bay Times reports both strains hit schools in Hillsborough County.

Florida has seen its first flu death of the 2018-19 season.

Doctors are encouraging children to get their flu shots by Halloween. Sedgwick County Division of Health wants people to protect themselves.

"While you may not get your flu jab as early as in previous years it is important that you still get it when invited as it will give protection".

The report did not say where the child died but did say the child was otherwise healthy. Pneumonia has been the direct cause of death in another 38 deaths, and the flu or pneumonia have been contributing factors in an additional 132 deaths.

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The Sedgwick County Division of Health announced the first reports of influenza in the county on Monday.

The state defines an "outbreak" in a school as "three or more epidemiologically linked cases" of flu or a flu-like disease. Add Flu Season as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Flu Season news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

Albertans six months of age and older will once again be able to receive a free influenza vaccine.

Symptoms of the flu start suddenly and include fever that lasts 3-4 days, body aches, chills, tiredness, cough, and headache.

Vaccinations have been shown to reduce a child's likelihood of dying from the flu by 60 per cent, health department officials said. A sliding fee scale based on proof of income may be applied for uninsured children.