Trump says defense chief Mattis 'could be' leaving post


President Donald Trump hinted that US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis may be planning to quit his administration, and described the former U.S. Marine Corps general as "sort of a Democrat".

"I think something's happening", Trump told Stahl regarding climate change.

In an interview with Lesley Stahl for CBS' "60 Minutes", President Trump had one heck of a blunt response for Stahl when she attempted to sidetrack his effort to delineate how dishonest the mainstream media is.

"It could be that he is".

Lesley Stahl: I know, but why do you love that guy? "On the other hand, she represents a discourse which is very selectively concerned about certain things, which lets him get away with certain things". I mean, I'm not a baby.

I said that Trump believes in nothing as much as ratings.

As much as I loathe Trump's unsafe attitude toward the press, I have to acknowledge that this is just the kind of hot dog move TV interviewers too often make - calling for an on-the-spot promise or pledge when it would be insane in a practical sense for anyone to do so.

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Lieutenant General HR McMaster was replaced by Bolton in April, while John Kelly, the White House chief of staff and also a retired four-star general, is reported to have lost influence with the mercurial president. Just a year earlier, Trump had mocked Kim as "Little Rocket Man" while kim returned the insult, calling the president a "mentally deranged USA dotard".

Trump, since he admitted to NBC News' Lester Holt that he fired Comey to end the Russian Federation investigation, has all but never given an interview to any outlet that is not pro-Trump. I have a good energy with him. "And we've got just the longest economic streak in modern history, if not ever - 4.2 million jobs created, all this deregulation", Conway said. During her ABC interview, Melania Trump said that there are still players in the Trump administration she does not trust.

He called the interview "epic television" and praised how Trump repelled Stahl's contentious questioning. "But she gave a tough interview, and when you're a journalist, you want to ask tough, fair questions". "I would put my money on General Mattis every day of the week and twice on Sunday, in terms of knowing more about military policy, theory, and doctrine". I have a good chemistry with him.

But when asked during the CBS 60 Minutes conversation recorded on Thursday, if he thought Gen Mattis was heading for the door, the president was circumspect.

And when follow-up questions did happen, they seemed to fall into the interview's second trap: Trying to crack the code of Donald Trump, human being.

STAHL: Are you willing to get rid of that Western alliance?